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Engineering Services Provided

2DM Associates provides professional engineering and technical services directed to the needs of the specialized heavy lifting and transportation industry. Following are brief descriptions of the firm's areas of service.

Manitowoc Ringer

Lift Planning and Engineering - Mobile Cranes

Planning, design, and analysis of special lifts using mobile cranes, including cranes with heavy lift attachments (Ringers®, guy derricks, and the like). Equipment arrangements, calculation of wind loads, evaluation of crane ground loads and supports, design of below-the-hook lifting devices and lifting attachments, and development of operation procedures, crane layout and rigging drawings, and documentation. Experience includes conventional lifting, multi-crane lifts, and barge-mounted cranes in a wide variety of construction and industrial conditions. Third-party review of lift plans, engineering, and operations procedures to verify compliance with safety requirements and owner specifications.

Barge Offloading with Gantries

Lift Planning and Engineering - Alternative Lifting Methods

Planning and engineering of special and critical lifts using alternative lifting methods. Conceptual development, engineering, and detail design of specialized heavy lifting and rigging equipment. Past projects include equipment design and lift planning using derricks, bridge cranes, telescopic hydraulic gantry systems, tower lifting systems using strand jacks, and design of lifting gear integrated into the existing facility structure.

Reactor on barge Paul Bunyan

Marine Transportation Engineering

Complete marine transportation studies of cargo-laden barges (hydrostatic analysis; motion forces; ballast plans). Cargo stowage plans, tie-down design, and barge structure analysis. Roll-on/Roll-off operation planning, analysis, and review. Engineering of barge-mounted crane arrangements and operations.

Coker Derrick Lift

Services Directed to Facility Owners

2DM Associates, Inc. provides consultation to facility owners and general contractors with respect to the contracting of specialized lifting, rigging, and transportation services.

Overturned crane

Accident Investigation and Expert Testimony

Investigation of accidents and failures involving cranes, rigging, specialized lifting equipment, and marine transportation. Special expertise in hydraulic gantry systems and below-the-hook lifting devices. Analysis of structural and mechanical capacities of lifting equipment. Review of lifting and rigging field operations. Expert witness services for litigation support for contractors, insurance companies, and attorneys.

2008 Crane & Rigging Workshop

Lectures and Training

David Duerr, P.E. conducts lectures for industry and academe on a range of subjects in the areas of lifting, rigging, and barge transportation of heavy-lift cargo.

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