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Lift Planning and Engineering - Mobile Cranes

The following projects highlight the specialized lift planning and professional engineering services provided by 2DM Associates, Inc. for lifting projects utilizing mobile cranes.

Manitowoc 2250

Refinery Equipment Lifts and Installations

Shown at left is one of numerous equipment installation lifts made by the contractor at an Illinois refinery. Services provided by 2DM Associates included design of spreader bars and other below-the-hook lifting devices, review of critical lift plans, calculation of crane ground bearing pressures and analysis of crane mats, and analysis of underground pipes and structures.

2DM Associates regularly provides mobile crane lift planning and engineering services of this nature to rigging contractors for work in a wide variety of heavy construction environments. These services are also provided to facility owners in the form of third-party reviews of lift plans prepared by the contractor.

4100W Ringer

Manitowoc 4100W Ringer® Installation

This West Coast project required the lifting of numerous vessels, the heaviest of which weighed about 120 tons. Based on the geometry of the lifts, the contractor chose a Manitowoc 4100W Series 3 Ringer as the primary lift crane. 2DM Associates engineered the installation of the Ringer at two locations in the plant for these lifts. The location shown at left required the analysis of a pit wall and the design of shoring to support the wall. The second location required the design of drilled piers and grade beams to support the ring. 2DM Associates also reviewed all of the contractor's rigging procedures and provided on-site support during each lift.

2DM Associates has extensive planning experience with mobile crane outfitted with heavy-lift attachments, such as the Manitowoc Ringer® and Max-Er™ and the American Guy Derrick and Sky Horse®.

Two-crane lift of turbine

Lifts of Turbine Generator Components

The rigging contractor was tasked with unloading a set of turbine generator components from rail cars (shown at left), hauling them into the plant, and setting them on the pedestal. 2DM Associates performed detailed planning of each two-crane lift. Due to very constricted space at the pedestal, each lift plan required the preparation of step-by-step drawings to illustrate the lift and to check clearances between the load and the crane booms. Evaluation of the rigging and ground bearing pressures under the cranes rounded out the services provided on this project.

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