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Services Directed to Facility Owners

2DM Associates, Inc. provides consultation to facility owners and general contractors with respect to the contracting of specialized lifting, rigging, and transportation services. Among the services provided are:

  • Assistance in the development of bid specifications for specialized contracting;
  • Technical evaluation of bid proposals and contractor qualifications;
  • Cold-eyes review and evaluation of contractors' lifting plans and engineering;
  • On-site observation of lifting, rigging, and transportation operations.

Specialized technical support throughout the bidding, planning, and execution of critical lifting and specialized land and marine transportation operations can provide tighter project management and reduce risk by bringing an independent point of view to the team.

Coke Drum Lift by Mammoet

Coke Drum Replacement Project - Billings, MT

2DM Associates performed a general review of the transportation of the new coke drums to the site, detailed reviews of the lift plans for the removal and replacement of the derrick structure, removal of the existing coke drums and the installation of the new coke drums, and provided on-site observation of critical lifts.

ESP Transport by Barnhart

Electrostatic Precipitator Construction - Torrance, CA

2DM Associates participated in the planning of the lifting and transport of two electrostatic precipitators and performed reviews of the contractor's transportation and strand jack lifting and equipment design engineering.

Reactor lift by Mammoet

Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel Project - Joliet, IL

This project started at the Port of Houston, where the contractor took delivery of two reactor vessels, loaded them onto a barge for shipment up to the refinery in Joliet, Illinois, transported them to the lift site, and then lifted and set both reactors using a strand jack system. 2DM Associates reviewed the barge transportation engineering and the lift plans. David Duerr, P.E. also observed the required load test of the strand jack system.

Derrick Structure Lift by Deep South

Coke Drum Replacement Project - Lake Charles, LA

2DM Associates performed a detailed review of the contractor's lift plans for the derrick removal and replacement lifts and the eight coke drum lifts (four old drums out and four new drums in). This project was unique in that the new drums were 11 feet longer than the old drums, so the derrick structure was modified as a part of the project. Particular study was given to the support of the TC36000 crane due to the poor soil conditions at the site.

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