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Lift Planning and Engineering - Alternative Lifting Methods

2DM Associates, Inc. has extensive experience in the planning and engineering of lifts utilizing telescopic hydraulic gantries, strand jack systems, and other alternative lifting methods, as well as in the design of specialized lifting equipment. Separate pages linked below offer details about each of the major areas in which 2DM Associates provides engineering services with respect to alternative lifting methods.

Barge offloading using gantries

Telescopic Hydraulic Gantries

2DM Associates has been engaged in the planning and engineering of heavy lifts using telescopic hydraulic gantries since the firm's founding in 1986. 2DM Associates president David Duerr, P.E. serves on the ASME B30.1 Subcommittee (Jacks, Industrial Rollers, Air Casters, and Hydraulic Gantries) that has written a new chapter in the B30.1 safety standard for the use of telescopic hydraulic gantry systems. He also served on both SC&RA Task Forces (1996 and 2004) that wrote guides for the use of gantries and has written and lectured extensively on lift planning, engineering, equipment design, and the history of hydraulic gantries.

Strand jack tower system

Strand Jack Lifting Systems

2DM Associates has provided engineering services for the design of strand jack-based lifting systems and the planning of numerous heavy lifts using strand jacks. Industry experience includes power generation, refineries, and nuclear facilities.

Dome tower rigging

Specialized Equipment Design

Since its inception, 2DM Associates has been engaged in the design of unique specialized lifting equipment. As equipment of this nature is generally not governed by specific industry standards or codes, a broad depth of experience is needed to first establish logical design requirements in order to produce a safe, reliable, and practical design.

Air hoist trolley

Integrated Lifting Equipment

Rigging and lifting work performed in the tight confines of industrial facilities can often benefit by using parts of existing structures as part of the lifting equipment. Often more than simply supporting lifting gear on an existing structure, 2DM Associates has designed installations where the existing structure becomes part of the lifting system.

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