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Alternative Lifting Methods - Strand Jack Lifting Systems

2DM Associates, Inc. has designed strand jack lifting systems and performed lift planning using these systems on many projects around the US and internationally.

Reactor installation

Nuclear Reactor Installation

2DM Associates, Inc. president David Duerr, P.E. has experience with strand jack lifting systems dating back to 1976. The reactor vessel lift shown at left was made by VSL Corporation at a nuclear power plant in eastern Pennsylvania. Mr. Duerr served on site as VSL's Field Quality Assurance Manager for this project.

Strand jack tower system

Tower System for Ductwork Demolition

2DM Associates, Inc. designed this strand jack tower system for a demolition contractor for use in dismantling and lowering to grade a decommissioned ductwork system at a copper mine. The tower bases were sized to provide the required stability to eliminate the need for guys or cross bracing. The duct sections were supported on lift beams that spanned between pairs of towers. One strand jack was mounted atop each tower.

Strand jack tower system

Hydrocracking Reactor Lifts

2DM Associates, Inc. served as a third-party reviewer on behalf of the general contractor for the first use of the Hydrospex (now Enerpac) Self-Erecting Tower system. In this function, 2DM performed detailed reviews of the lifting plans and engineering prepared by the rigging contractor for the performance of the work.

Shown here is the lift of the first of two 1,040-ton hydrocracking reactors that were upended and set on their foundations with the system.

Stator frame

Strand Jack Stator Frame

Based on an idea developed by the rigging contractor, 2DM Associates designed and detailed this 300-ton capacity stator frame. The runway beams and trolley were configured with a very low profile to allow movement through an exterior wall of the turbine building typically without having to remove sections of the house overhead crane runway beam.

The structural design was performed in accordance with standards applicable to conventional overhead crane design as well as nuclear industry lifting standards to allow this equipment to be used on the widest possible range of lifting projects.

Reactor downending

Strand Jack Lifting of Reactor Vessel

The Shippingport Atomic Power Station, the first commercial nuclear power plant in the United States, was decommissioned in the 1980s. 2DM Associates designed the overhead crane, which utilized a pair of strand jacks on the trolley, and downending fixture used to remove the 956-ton reactor pressure vessel and provided on-site support to the rigging contractor for all planning related to the performance of this lift. All engineering was performed in accordance with US Department of Energy requirements for the handling of irradiated materials.

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